A simple phrase drives our practice: The lives that occupy the work inspire the body of the work. Before defining a building’s aesthetic, we work with clients to glean how they want the building to perform: that is, how the plan will be organized to support the feeling and function they want their building to evoke. Some clients desire very closed, private spaces; others desire an open, loft-like ambience. In creating the floor plan that supports the clients’ desired function, we trigger the evolution of an aesthetic. The building’s style thus grows from its plan, often surprising our clients who may not have previously recognized that affinity.

Every day Marc enjoys the privilege of doing the very thing he has been passionate about since early childhood. Born the son of an American Diplomat, Marc grew up overseas where he was exposed to a multitude of cultures throughout Asia, Africa and Europe. Marc’s introduction to classical architecture in a variety of indigenous styles certainly had a significant impact on the firm’s design breadth.

Eschewing a signature style, the firm creates contemporary, modern, classical, and traditional styles alike. Yet the style is second to - and derives from - the plan.

Though each design is necessarily unique, all are infused with drama, with certain elements of the building evoking awe in owners and their guests at each arrival. Achieved in various ways, the addition of drama creates a place where people long to be. Incorporating water into the design for example, or varying the spatial volume, elicits emotional responses, wowing those who experience the effect. This evocative touch woven into the West Coast Lifestyle has grown a roster of properties with exceptional attributes and enhanced property values; hillside homes with city, ocean and canyon views, indoor/outdoor live and work spaces, pools and hardscapes, multi-family and lofts, hotels and hospitality, museums and exhibits, and of course, California GreenPoint Rated and LEED standards.

Whether a project encompasses the remodeling of one room or the ground-up design of a large building, it is our standard practice to generate a 3D model, going one step further to ensure our clients accurately envision their projects before construction begins. This clear understanding of what is being designed, and at what cost, and in what time frame, eliminates much of the anxiety typical of envisioning and then building something – this peace of mind allows our clients to truly share in Marc’s excitement for the creative process.