Mandeville Canyon Reincarnated

It’s nice to check back in on our past projects every once in a while as new owners move in and add their influence to the ever-changing life of the house. The original Mandeville Canyon house was  created for two artists, husband and wife; one an architect turned director, another, a writer and sommelier.  He wanted contemporary, she longed for romantic Mediterranean. As Marc explains, the style derives from the all important floor plan. This is where decisions regarding use, light, and the day-to-day performance of the spaces are made. The result was a beautiful, livable blend of contemporary and Italian architectural sensibilities. Years later it was leased for a time by Chelsea Handler, host of E!’s Chelsea Lately.

And now another chapter unfolds with the recent purchase of the home last year by William Morris Endeavor agent Ari Emanuel. As seen in this Variety article, there is a new all white color scheme along with a few other changes.