Modern Design for - Architectural Digest

We are pleased to announce that our house on Summit Drive in Beverly Hills has been featured in the February issue of Architectural Digest. In an excellent article by Rob Haskell, entitled Bold Play, readers will meet our clients Brenda Ellerin, an investment manager, and her husband, Stephen Dubin, a sports agent whose clients include New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Although AD celebrates the home’s striking modernist design it is clear that Marc, as always, put the daily lives of the occupants first. In the piece Brenda says, “It’s such a cliché in California, but we wanted a completely seamless transition from indoor to outdoor. And we wanted the house to be fun because we have two teenage boys, and we figured if this became the place their friends wanted to go, we’d always be able to keep an eye on them.” A rec room with a bowling alley and Ping-Pong table should do the job.

We also appreciated the highlighting of Marc’s attention to detail here: “The couple hates clutter and with Whipple they went so far as to role play arriving home and setting down briefcases and keys, the architect devised a covert world of storage so that nothing would ever need to be left out in the open.”

Please go to Architectural Digest to enjoy the whole story, the beautiful photographs, and the many more details about the house, materials, and décor in this issue - and share with your friends.