Modern Design for Art Collections - Building a Home for Your Favorite Art

Many of our clients have acquired a number of art pieces they not only love but which are important reflections of their personal aesthetic and history.  Their collections include paintings, photographs, sculpture, pottery, rugs and mix-media.   On a current project we've input selects from our clients collection and included them in our 3D models and elevations of the house design. This kind of visual reference allows everyone to discover the answers to a variety of questions that we fold into various aspects of our design:


  • How will the style and scale of our pieces work in the new space?
  • How will the designs' color palette work in relationship to our pieces?
  • How will each piece be illuminated?
  • How much sunlight will our pieces be exposed to?
  • How will we protect our collection from sunlight and people traffic?

Here's an example of how a collection is rendered into a 3D model.