Modern Design for - The Curves of Nature

Here at Whipple Russell Architects we are always keeping our eyes on the intersection where Ecology meets Technology. And when this marriage can produce a thing of beauty and utility - we take notice. Introducing Bolefloor, the world's first industrial-scale manufactured hardwood flooring in lengths that follow a tree's natural growth. This versatile, sustainable wood flooring is made with a technology that combines tailor-made CAD/CAM developments, innovative software and cutting engineering to create planks as nature made them; not straight. Bolefloor has created a category of curved-length flooring affordable for a wide market. Until now, unique floors like these have been the product of a few dedicated craftsmen.

Not only is the surface aesthetically appealing, but Bolefloor innovations allow more boards per tree, more floors per forest. They have literally cut down on waste. In addition, their scanners' natural-edge visual identification evaluates "imperfections" such as knots and sapwood near the edges or ends so that floors are both beautiful and durable. And every board is cut using the finest in Homag woodworking machinery. All pre-finished floors are coated with WOCA Denmark Oils.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, Bolefloor takes its name from bole - the trunk of a tree.