Modern Design for Facebook - Frank Gehry

Internationally renowned architect Frank Gehry has been chosen by Mark Zuckerberg to design Facebook’s new West Campus in Menlo Park, California. The visionary workspace will be one long 10-acre room sectioned into working neighborhoods. Said to be included are 26 foot ceilings, massive skylights and a lush rooftop garden with a walking trail and seating for contemplation. To further green connectivity, a skateboard path will get you quickly from one end to the other. In a further nod to the employee demographic, office décor will consist of graffiti walls, arcade games, and plenty of spots to grab something good to eat. Slated to open in the spring of 2015, the 420,000 square-foot campus will be home to 3,400 engineers and staff and of course, Mr. Zuckerberg himself.