Modern Design for Laguna Hills - in a Traditional Neighborhood

Many of our clients want their home to express who they are as unique beings while at the same time they want to fit into the community around them.  Fitting into the environment is good for neighborhood relationships, good for supporting everyone's property values and a fundamental of good design.  But so is designing for the unique beings who live in the space.

On the way to our clients' property in Laguna Hills we didn't pass a single modern.  But our clients were modernist at heart.  The problem we had to solve was how to design so they could fit in AND be different.  When we delved into their more detailed preferences we found our solution in the Prairie School of Architecture.  We blended the Prairie style of organic woods and brick, horizontal lines and open floor plans on the inside along with the clean more traditional lines on the outside.  Once again, when we listen carefully to our clients it is amazing how often the solution presents itself.