Modern Design for - Matthew Perry

We are pleased to learn that soon, Matthew Perry, actor and darned good tennis player, will be entertaining his Friends in our Hopen house – the mid-century modern that has been the subject of many of our recent blogs. Congrats also to realtor Ben Bacal for the sale. We’d like to hear what drew Mr. Perry to it. Was it the combination of clean masculine lines and playfulness that have often been attributed to the actor himself? Or, the fact that he could stand at the edge of the dazzling blue infinity pool and actually see the lights from Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip? Perhaps, when he stepped into the lushly upholstered, below-ground movie theater, he just felt, well, 17 Again. Whatever he loved at first sight, we are sure that as he uses the spaces for work and play, experiences the light, views, and all its quality details – he will feel like Mr. Sunshine on a good day.