Modern Design with - Military Muscle for TERI

Military from the U.S. Navy Reserves, Seabees, Air Force Reserves and troops from Guam Air National Guard 254th R.E.D.H.O.R.S.E. Squadron deployed to San Marcos, California in March to aid in the building of TERI’s Campus of Life. TERI – Training, Education and Research Institute is dedicated to changing the way the world views and helps children and adults with special needs. We serve as Master Architects for the Campus of Life project, which will include Residential Homes, two Schools, an adult education & vocational center, a Therapeutic Equestrian Program, Aquatics, Music & Movement Therapy, Culinary Arts, and more. The men and women from the military will rotate in and out for two years as they work on the project. Fundraising continues, find out more here about TERI .

TERI is devoted to best practices and the sustainability model in all areas of their mission to serve the developmentally disabled. Their Campus of Life plans are to build a community that produces multiple streams of revenue to support their programs. Here’s a sample of what is slated to begin within the first year.

  • TERI’s 10 acres of on and off site organic agriculture business
  • TERI has secured distribution contacts and will be a provider of organic gourmet specialty produce for major regional markets.
  • The Verna Harrah Culinary Institute will attract chefs for formal training and mentorship programs.
  • The Vocational Center, designed to support the culinary and agriculture programs, will generate revenue through retail sales, food services, and products.

TERI’s Life Coaching program, training coaches worldwide, projects significant revenues.