Modern Design for - Resale Value

Part of this house’s glamorous past in the famed Hills includes its previous ownership by actor Richard Gere. That connection to iconic masculinity continued when we partnered with L.A. designer Franco Vecchio, known for his sleek and exciting James Bond style, to complete the interior finishing. Our client was an entertainment producer who had previously been successful in the internet world. Rather than dictate our design he said, “surprise me.” And, he was suitably surprised. The original house was a 60’s modern gated-estate property that had undergone a partial renovation. The client was a devoted art collector who hoped to create space to display artwork, give the home much needed flair, and increase the size and value of the property. Of course maximizing the spectacular views was always a goal. Clean straight lines, height, glass, and use of various textures all worked toward these interests. An art gallery, cozy movie theater and large garage were added, as well as the conversion of a game room into a master suite. Mission accomplished - this house sold for $2,000 per square foot in the summer 2012.