Modern Design for - Retail Spaces

We caught up with a past client this week to talk about Marc's design for retail space in Paso Robles, CA. The property has been a retail nursery for decades, and is situated close to HWY 101 and El Camino Real; perfect for a commerical development. The client had worked with Marc before, and knew they shared a devotion to the aesthetic of light-filled, open, simple spaces, and of bringing the outside, inside. Here was an opportunity to create a visually appealing eco-friendly industrial park. One important  instruction; the design had to preserve and incorporate quite a few of the grand old oaks that shared the land. Marc investigated current technology that would allow building close to these beauties without damage. He also put into the plan provisions for a possible tenant’s apartment in the complex - which  the owner wanted as an option for himself if needed.



As happens with even the best laid plans, a move northward by our client put the actual building of this project on hold. We’ll keep you posted.