Modern Design for Sustainability - With Tile

One of our favorite tile designers, ANN SACKS, is joining us in thinking green about building. "As a manufacterer and supplier of some of the finest tile and stone offered commercially today, we have the opportunity to help our customers enhance their own environments with natural materials that offer beauty and permanency without relying on toxic chemicals and adhesives," explained Dian Smith, president, ANN SACKS Tile, Stone and Plumbing, Inc. Eco-Thinking is a comprehensive merchandising program to bring the most ecologically savvy products to the forefront. All Eco-Thinking products boast LEED credit contributions and other notable environmental attributes and are easit identified by its Eco-Thinking product mark, a logo designed by ANN SACKS to clearly demarcate products that meet qualifications.

Their Portland, Oregon factory, where they manufacture their signature Ann Sacks Collection, in in many ways the hub of their Eco-Thinking efforts. All excess raw clay is recycled, the company uses only lead-free glazes, and all products are shipped in recycled and recyclable packaging.

We applaud the efforts of Ann Sacks, and look forward to continued use of their beautiful, and now greener, tile.