Sky High - The Drone Possibilities

After enjoying the drone-enhanced videos of our own projects, Benedict Canyon and Laurel Way, we thought to have a closer look at these soon-to-be-everywhere sky bugs.

Three hundred LED lit drones performed at Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl half-time show thanks to the New Technology Group at Intel. In addition, coming our way are Amazon and UPS transport trucks equipped with rooftop launching bays (see video below.) The companies insist they are not replacing drivers, but assisting delivery in rural areas; the drone can deliver a package to a farmhouse far from the main road, and then catch up to the van as it continues on the route. And for Pokemon Go fans, there is now a tiny Pokedrone to help you catch those hard to reach creatures.

The use of drones is likely to continue into the mainstream of many businesses and organizations as image quality and video resolution continue to improve. 4K video cameras will be standard in 2017, with additions such as infrared and ultrasound available.

In development is The Pouncer drone, (photo 2nd at left) designed to deliver vacuum-packed foods and medical supplies to disaster and crisis zones.  Nigel Gifford, former army logistics expert has further plans for his flyer – which eventually the entire structure will be built with edible food components. "We wanted to make something that is the ultimate useable package delivery system for aid and disaster scenarios that could go where traditional methods can't, due to damaged infrastructure, and solves multiple issues that have previously cost lives," said Gifford.

Back in in our world, during the architectural design phase, aerial photography can provide the client with the view from their future second story windows or rooftop terrace. 360-degree imagery can be captured at different times, revealing light, shadow, and scenery from a new perspective. For larger commercial buildings, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are a less costly alternative for planning, impact studies, and site elevations than the use of a plane, helicopter, or crane.

The use of drone footage has permeated the marketing of larger hilltop homes and sizeable estates, giving real estate brokers another sales tool in a competitive online marketplace. To supplement the drone footage, handheld Glidecams and Steadycams are being used indoors creating flowing, whole house, pool, patio, and garden tours.